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Meet the Family...


Jack and I have been married since December of 2013. Shortly after moving to Colorado, we found out that Jack was going to be out of the country for 6 months. During this tough transtion, Jack and I agreed that it may be a good idea for me to have a little companion. Since we were living in a one bedroom apartment at the time, it was obvious that we needed to have a smaller dog; however, we love to run, hike, and explore and needed a dog who could fit this lifestyle with us. Once I discoverd Miniature Australian Shepherds, we knew this was going to be the right fit for our family. 


Shortly after making this decision, I saw these pictures of Koda on and knew that he was the dog for us. Koda and I began the adventure of puppy class, teething, and potty training while Jack was overseas. He also became a registered Emotional Support Dog and has proven to be just that on multiple occasions when Jack is away. Once Jack returned, Koda adjusted to him being a permanent part of the family and we have been a tight knit unit since then. 


Koda is my personal hobby and I love training him and taking him everywhere we possibly can. We are proud of him and we truly believe he is the best dog! 



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